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Zephyro - Chill Coding Tutorials for Students and Beginners


Who's Zephyro?

Hi, I’m Zephyro.

I started coding when I was 10 in pure C. Not Python, nor Scratch (I don’t know if they even existed at the time), but the language that is regarded as one of the most difficult to learn as a beginner.

I didn’t even have much knowledge of either computer science or maths. Yes, I knew how to turn on a computer and I knew what I had been taught at school, nothing more.

At the beginning I didn’t even know what I was writing, but copying and pasting and analysing and playing with code, I understood how it worked and from that point everything went downhill.

Not in the sense of something bad happend, whereas the opposite: learning wasn’t anymore like climbing a snowy mountain, but easy as sliding on its side.

So, trust me if I say anyone can learn.

How to learn programming

How Does it Work?

On this site you’ll find some courses, all free of course, each one for a language or a topic.

At the beginning of most posts (all exept the ones that don’t need it) you’ll find an example code which you are free to copy and paste, because I think that playing with code – making little changes and see what happens – it’s a great boost for your learning process.

Everything is explained through examples, analogies and only the necessary computer science and maths notions – don’t get scared, it really is just basic, stupid stuff explained in the easier manner.

Any questions?

Fell free to ask me whatever you want.

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