Learn C in 1 Hour

- Yes, it's possible -

A little Preview

What you will learn

  1. Libraries and Functions
  2. Make your first program in C
  3. Variables and Reading values
  4. Conditional Statements
  5. The Switch Statement
  6. The 3 Loop Statements
  7. Arrays
  8. Characters and Strings
  9. Pointers and the real nature of Arrays
  10. Typedef, Structure and Union
  11. How to create functions

How is it possible?

I've sumed up my "Learn C" guide in 11 small and simple sections.

They contain all you need to know about C and some links for the most curious ones.

Example Programs


Too busy?

Don't worry, thanks to one cookie you can stop whenever you want and start from where you've left.

Otherwise you can still use the Prev and Next buttons to move through the guide.