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Code Handbook and MinGW Installation Guide - Zephyro

Install MinGW throuth Code Handbook

Open OpenHB.exe.

It will ask you to select a compiler ( gcc.exe ).

If you don’t have one or you don’t know continue reading, otherwise jump to this step.

Press Ok to open the download page and this one.

Wait the installer to be downloaded.

Open it and click Run.

Click Install.

Click Continue. You can also change the installation directory, but I recommend to use the default one, because CodeHB will try to find it to speed up the configuration.

Wait for all the main components to be installed and click Continue.

Right click on each file in the Basic Setup section and mark them for installation.

It’s very important that all 7 of them have the icon you see in the image above before them.

Then click File -> Apply Changes -> Apply.

Wait for all the file to be installed and press Close.

In your Windows toolbar you should find this dialog box. Press OK.

Select the MinGW compiler gcc.exe.

If you’ve left the default installation directory, you should immediately find it. Otherwise go to the path you’ve chosen.

Now you can start programming 😀